Indemnity Form

Complete the indemnity form below, for your stay.

This indemnity encompasses all individuals entering the Premises, whether they are casual visitors, overnight guests, users of any facilities on the Premises, or participants in any activities on the Premises (referred to collectively as 'the Visitor').

The Visitor acknowledges that they have read and comprehended this indemnity and willingly agree to be bound by the following stipulations:

I assume full responsibility for entering and utilizing the Premises, parking areas, surroundings, and stairs on the Premises, as well as participating in any activities at the Premises, entirely at my own risk.

The right of admission is reserved.

I confirm that I have been informed of, am aware of, and accept that I will be exposed to various risks and activities, including, but not limited to, pools, ponds, and recreational areas.

I commit to obeying all warning notices and instructions provided at all times.

Visitors release and indemnify the owners, management, staff, and fellow guests ('the Indemnified Parties') from any consequences arising from their visit, participation in activities. I also waive any claims I may have.

This includes any loss or damage to personal belongings or property, any indirect, consequential, or special loss or damage, financial losses, illness, injury, harm (as defined in the CPA), or death, regardless of the cause. It also encompasses legal costs (attorney and own client scale) that the Indemnified Parties may incur.